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Damaged Furniture Repair and Restoration in Van Nuys, CA Serving San Fernando Valley

Furniture is often expensive, and it can be difficult to find pieces that you like, so if your furniture is damaged, you should bring it to a Van Nuys, CA, damaged furniture repair shop. Here at Antique Services Inc., we'll restore your favorite, comfortable pieces of furniture so that you don't have to go through the bother of trying to find replacements.

Meticulous Repairs and Restorations

When you decide to work with us, our punctual, knowledgeable team members will look closely at your items to determine the best way to proceed. We believe in giving our customers the best, so we'll work hard to ensure that our repairs feature the excellent level of quality that you deserve. If you're concerned because your piece of furniture is a valuable antique, don't worry; we have 35 years of experience working with both old and new items.

Get your Van Nuys, CA, damaged furniture back in top shape by selecting Antique Services Inc., a locally owned and operated firm. Call us today to find out more about us or to speak with our staff about your furniture repair needs.